Eating while listening to your body. A conversation with Dr. Mozzi


A Sunday afternoon at Mogliazze, up in the hills and not far from Piacenza, still in the countryside but not yet in the mountains. This is his only day of rest during the month, a highly busy month like all others, but Piero Mozzi has graciously given us a couple of hours of his time, speaking of himself and his vision of the world. He also speaks of diets linked to a person’s blood type, which has made him famous among those who have benefitted and also a controversial, if not demonized, doctor in the world of conventional medicine. (articolo in italiano)


“One day a friend came to see me here at Mogliazze. His daughter was suffering from mental issues. Showing me some seeds, he asked me, ‘Piero, do you know this plant?’ They were Datura seeds. Some of them must have fallen when we were in the garden and, a year later, these plants, which are really beautiful because they have a long white wide trumpet flowers, began to grow. They grew for a few years and then they disappeared. I asked myself why this happened, where did the datura go? This year we cultivated part of the garden that we had left fallow for a few years and, as if by magic, hundreds of datura plants blossomed. These seeds had, therefore, remained underground for a very long time, at least six or seven years, and suddenly out they were growing again. Nature has its tempo, its own rhythms. Humankind has its own tempo and thinks that its tempo overrules that of nature. Sooner or later there is always a day of reckoning with nature.”

Nature, a generous but demanding teacher in life, is always present when Piero Mozzi speaks. It is not wise to go against nature, but that is what the West, and not only the West, is doing. For this reason the future looks bleak, especially when Dr. Mozzi predicts that, ‘illnesses will gain the upper hand and the West will descend into a black crisis’ with diabetes, just to mention one, which ‘very soon will rise to ten percent. It is an illness for which a predisposition is imprinted on DNA, with the same applying to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

And yet, by the end of our conversation it is possible to come to the opposite conclusion. The future, if one listens carefully to Dr. Mozzi, may be wonderful and the reason is that we have all the knowledge and tools to build it. It is entirely up to us.

Mozzi is 65 years old with a thick, white beard, wire-rimmed glasses, lean, O Negative, father of Martino and Ester and husband to their mother, Velia a former teacher. This doctor has never worn a white coat, never prescribed tests or antibiotics and says that we must cure ourselves. He lives with his family in Mogliazze, a hamlet consisting of a cluster of stone houses in the foothills of the Apennines, eight kilometres above the town of Bobbio. He came here in 1974 and in 1978 started the Le Mogliazze cooperative.

Over time the cooperative bought most of the houses and adjacent land. The hamlet has been slowly restored and the fields have been put back to use. Getting there is no easy task; a steep, narrow and rough road links it with Bobbio, a pretty village in a part of Emilia-Romagna that is well-worth discovering for its beauty and the well-tended elegance of its ancient villages.

Speaking of diet, the subject of weight loss inevitably comes up, complete with prescriptions, deprivation and sacrifices. Those who turn to Mozzi and follow his advice know that this is a way of living while “listening” to one’s body. “If we listened to ourselves more, if we took more time to understand our body’s signals and act accordingly, we could avoid the pandemic of chronic illnesses that are afflicting the Western world.”

Mozzi never tires of explaining that, “there are no foods that must absolutely be avoided and food that is good for everyone. It depends on your DNA, on your blood group.” Many people know of him because they have seen him on Telecolor, a local Cremona TV station (many of its programmes can be seen on YouTube). Many people ask him for advice using the internet and many try to meet him or listen to him at conferences he holds or at the biological markets where jams, vegetables, herbal extracts, tomato sauces and vegetables produced by the cooperative are sold. Is he a guru? Is he a healer? None of these easy labels can be hung on someone who does not seek instant notoriety. He has a peasant frankness and pragmatism and has fought for his ideas with the incredulous anger of someone who has been ostracised by conventional medicine, instead of being appreciated and heeded.


Medical conference at the Chiostro dell’Abbazia di San Colombano, Bobbio (Piacenza)

The basis of diet is linked to one’s blood group? It is based on the fact that red blood cells in any group (O/A/B/AB) have different types and quantities of antigens on their surfaces that interact with the immune system, reacting differently to food. “Food can have positive or negative effects on the immune system. What we eat can make us sick or cure us. The choice is ours. I base this primarily on experience and observation,” said Mozzi. By his own admission, diet based on blood group is not recognized by scientific studies. Let us see what Mozzi said on this subject in an interview with Stefano Lorenzetto from il Giornale, it is a passage that successfully summarises his ideas:

What characteristics does Blood Type O have?
A reactive immune system. These are people who get sick quickly and recover just as fast. Cereals, cured meat, aubergine (eggplant), vegetable soup (minestrone), potatoes, coffee, octopus, squid, milk, yogurt and cheese, except for goat’s milk and mozzarella, are forbidden. Fruit is not advisable; it causes depression. Red meat and raw salmon fight off all illnesses.
What about Type A?
Not a very robust immune system. Red meat is harmful. Group A people should avoid fatty and matured dairy products, cereals, tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers. Trout, salmon, tuna fish, cod and mackerel, even canned, whatever anyone may say, are all recommended.
What about Type B?
A robust immune system, however very susceptible to blood and autoimmune illnesses. Cereals, chicken, crustaceans, tomatoes and pumpkins are forbidden. If you eat kebab without bread, you’ll live to be a hundred. Ancient Rome conquered the world because it ate spit-roasted lamb. It lost its empire when it began growing cereals.
What about Type AB?
If you get sick, it takes forever to get well. Luckily they don’t get sick often. But you’ll kill them if you don’t allow normal working hours, weekends off and holidays. Those with Group AB must stay away from butter, cheese and red meat but are fine eating lamb. Mutton is recommended for everyone, except for Group A. In fact, sheep and rams have aided humanity’s progress, supplying food for nourishment and wool for clothing. The West is sinking under metabolic illnesses; obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and glycaemia. Islam, on the other hand, continues to eat ovine meat and is growing.

It takes a lot of courage and solid convictions, and Mozzi has both, to ban milk and cereals in the land of Parmesan cheese and prosciutto, in the country that invented pasta and pizza.

But our interview begins from a point that seems to contradict the gloomy outlook of a society in declining health, and that is the fact that people are living longer.

“That’s nonsense. First of all, it depends on lower infant mortality. Nature’s laws include the natural selection of the species, which is most important. People used to have eight, ten, even 15 children. I’ve known people with 15 to 16 siblings, three or four would die and those who remained were strong and resilient.

Then there would be a war, with its subsequent famines, epidemics. The so-called Spanish Flu epidemic after the First World War killed more people than the war did, so there have always been ups and downs. But how long can a person live? It is written in his DNA, just as it is for an oak, a sycamore, an ash, a pine, a fir tree.”
In any case, it’s a fact that people live longer.

Englaro’s life was prolonged by 17 years, an average life span, Welby’s by 29 years. So what?

In some southern villages there are a number of centenarians…
Those are people who, a hundred years ago had to tighten their belts, not once, but ten times, they are the result of the selection I spoke of earlier. And then they lived through two wars. They tightened their belts, and how! They lived in Calabria where they were even hungrier than in Emilia-Romagna. One should go and question them at length about what they did and what they ate.

But then, what does one do if one gets to be a hundred? It is not important to live to be a hundred. Life is important if you look back and there is an entire new life growing up. Imagine owning a good farm with sheep or cows. Being happy, with cows that are 30 to 40 years old, but no more calves born. So you are happy because they’ve lived this long. However, they no longer produce milk, they can no longer even be uses to pull a cart or a plough. What’s the point? Do you think that this farm will survive? Furthermore, one has to spend mountains of money on vets to keep them alive. Is this a good thing for one’s farm? I wouldn’t say so.

Do you think that longevity is a feature of today’s world?
People have always lived a long time. Here in Bobbio [the nearby village] there is the abbey of San Colombano. He lived to be almost 90 in the Middle Ages, traveling from one end of Europe to the other.

We live so long nowadays, because it has been 70 years since there’s been a war in the West. But there have been many other events that have been no less terrible. Economic wars, wars in other parts of the world in which we are players, we are there representing third parties.


Dr. Piero Mozzi

Were you ever a traditional doctor, like all other doctors?
Never, God forbid.

Your degree?
I graduated from Parma University. I studied for a year in Milan, but I returned home, preferring to sit more difficult exams and live decently in Parma, rather than live like a dog in Milan and sit easier exams.

None, absolutely.
I came here (Mogliazze) before graduating. I was in my fourth year, in 1974. I did my specialisation here.

When and how did you come to understand the link between food and illness?
On my own skin, by myself, starting with tonsillitis caused by strawberries and bronchitis caused by figs. I would eat certain things and get colitis, other food caused cervical issues. Enough, at a certain point it becomes obvious.

The cause; that is what medicine doesn’t research. The difference between science and practice is that science looks for a reason; practice allows everything, from transplants to surgery to drugs and that means just making do as best one can. If you go into a hospital ward, even a highly specialized one, and ask them to tell you the cause of the illness they are treating, you will get no answer about anything. Not even about what causes a headache. Nothing.

Their opinions are based on clinical tests.
Exactly. Money wasted.

Yes, but these tests are aimed at learning…
…they’re aimed at creating a mess, confusion. Remember Buridan’s Ass? He wasn’t able to choose which of the two piles of hay he wanted to eat and as a result died of hunger. With all those tests they don’t understand what they’re looking for, especially because they don’t take into consideration one fact, and that is that everything that goes into the human body must be known, and that doesn’t take much. It doesn’t require a degree.

In the past few years there could have been the real turning point for the entire medical world. The basis for everything. Do you remember BSE? Mad Cow Disease. Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis. Cows, mammals and herbivores, were fed feed containing animal protein,  including bodies of other livestock. It didn’t affect their digestive tract, it affected their nervous system. So, without digging too deep, otherwise people would have begun to use their brains, they did understand. They removed the feed and Mad Cow Disease disappeared. All they needed to do was reason on what they had learned. If they had done so, they would have understood something about cancer, sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Those were animals whose nervous system had been affected by eating the wrong food. And why don’t they make the connection with Alzheimer’s? Why don’t they? And now they talk about a virus, a vaccine for Alzheimer’s. Can you imagine?

Do you talk about a cause or a cure?
The wrong feed was the cause and the cure for BSE. The cause was the feed, they  removed it an the problem vanished. It is so simple that if you told 10 children, they could figure it out. A child would understand.


Medical conference at the Chiostro dell’Abbazia di San Colombano, Bobbio (Piacenza)


It seems to me that your relationship with the medical-scientific-pharmaceutical establishment is one of mutual hostility, the difference being that they are powerful…
They’ve tried to catch me out and are still trying.

They also accuse you of conflict of interest.
Conflict of interest? The Dr. Mozzi with his cooperative who is running this place? Do you see where we are, do you see the multinational here? Because the Mogliazze cooperative produces phytotherapeutic extracts, jams and honey? You can see for yourself the vast profits there are! Did you see the state of the road coming here?

I know that you continue to receive testimonials from people everywhere who are grateful for your advice…
Yes, a ridiculous number of patients write to me, also doctors, Carabinieri, police officers, priests, pharmacists, biologists and they continue to come.

What about doctors?
Yes, requests also come from doctors who are ill or whose family members are not well. You know, there’s nothing worse for a doctor than to have family members who are not well. Everything falls to pieces. Especially with serious illnesses. With their medicines, there isn’t a saint in heaven who can cure them, so everything falls to pieces. That is the only time they fall apart, otherwise they would even be willing to transplant your brain.

Is the health care system the real patient, as can be seen in the enormous deficits in the Regions…?
Don’t even talk about the Regions or southern Italy. They have deficits amounting to a hundred billion euro. Two hundred thousand billion in old liras.

But it is not just waste that can be seen in public budgets, it is a health care system in harmony with the environment we live in, with its degradation…
There is the earth to be taken care of, a planet entrusted to us in good condition and that are returning in a horrible state. In these woods, you will have noticed on your way up here how many plants have been affected by Old Man’s Beard (clematis vitalba), a kind of liana that suffocates them, then the snow comes in winter, the plant splits over the year and then these plants overwhelm them and they die. You see trees with yellowing bark, turning light brown. These are practically alga conspiring with lichen causing all the young shoots to wither.

There is no forest management.
This is true, but there is something that is not working with the rain, with the air. At the end of the day, woods can be cut down, and then regrow. The problem arises when woods are not cut; they age, they are attacked by this type of parasite plant and the trees die. There is no renewal. The woods always renewed themselves until a few decades ago.

Dr. Mozzi, why are you such an enemy of milk and dairy products?
I’m not an enemy. I’ve exposed the harm milk does.

In the region that produces Parmesan cheese?
Even the male producers of Parmesan have prostates, brains and their wives have uteruses, ovaries and breasts. It would be enough for anyone to investigate the percentage of tumors – uterine, ovarian and prostate – where milk is used and look at the percentages of tumors where milk is not used.

How could one describe your way of understanding certain phenomena, certain connections that others do not appear, or do not want, to see? In other words, your way of practicing medicine?
I have a few years behind me, a little experience. Tens of thousands of patients afflicted by illnesses whom I have treated by correcting their diet. I have always had this passion. I remember things. I remember amazing things. People are surprised that 30 to 40 years later I can still remember an illness someone had.

And meeting all these people, many of them, you have observed obvious correlations between their diet and their illness.
Of course.

You, however, are not able to quantify matters as your conventional colleagues do…
But what do you expect them to quantify and figure out from their numbers…?

And you, on the other hand?
Veronesi’s institute conducted a study to see to what extent smoke affects cancer.

Lung cancer?
Not just that. Do you know the percentages this study revealed? Not even seven percent. And then they discovered that among people with lung cancer there are more non-smokers than smokers. What does this mean? If one then investigated places where people smoke like lunatics, such as China, you discover that smokers with cancer are fewer than half of half of half the number one has here. But no one wants to speak of these things…

A doctor who defends smokers…
I do not smoke, I cannot stand smokers, but more for the money they waste than health reasons. Why does no one wonder, instead, why there are more cases of cancer among children nowadays than previously?

Have you had to treat such cases?
Absolutely. I had a terrible case, recently. A 5-year-old child who had already undergone five brain operations, for cancer… He drank milk for breakfast and supper.

A child who drinks milk, so what?
A new born can take milk, from his mother. Has anyone asked why there are about 4,500 mammal species on the planet and only man needs milk from another animal? Ask the doctors; Why is it that where milk is consumed there are more tumors? Why are there now more cases of Alzheimer?

Are there fewer in the Far East?
Of course. They don’t drink milk, they don’t consume gluten.
A journalist colleague of yours came here. His PCV had been high for a very long time, he was Group O, he was reluctant to the idea of abandoning milk and its derivatives. He resorted to phlebotomy to make his blood more fluid, because all blood-fluidifying drugs did not work. He stopped consuming dairy products and his blood returned to normal, right away.

The great religions had and still have precise rules about food.
I am very curious and inquisitive about what people eat. Muslims don’t eat pork and there is clearly a reason.

Well, now there are many Muslims living in cold countries.
Yes, but if you eat pork, you will have blood pressure problems. All peoples for generations have passed down knowledge about maintaining their health. Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine, spoke of the concept that food was medicine.

And yet, it seems impossible that certain foods can cause harm. A good peperonata [stewed peppers, tomatoes and onions]…
Do you want to try it out on yourself? What is your blood group? A positive? Eat tomatoes, peppers and aubergines [eggplants] for a week and let’s see what happens.

Coming to Emilia-Romagna presented us with many great temptations . God only knows the things we have eaten. We told ourselves that if Mozzi found out, he would punish us…
Nonsense, of course not, everyone is free to do what they want. I feel it is my duty to inform people, seeing that I am knowledgeable.

Once upon a time many people came to you to get the correct nutritional regime, but now you primarily treat people with serious problems.
All they have to do is read my book on diets and all the advice in the Mozzi book. If they don’t have serious illnesses, they will be fine.

What advice do you give those with viral hepatitis?
Which kind?

Hepatitis C, the most serious.
If you behave, hepatitis C will have no effect on you. If you eat pork, it will recur. Actually, the worse thing is pork products for hepatitis C. Yes, for all hepatitis C, it’s terrible.

They say you have resolved various cases of infertility.
Don’t you see that no more children are being born, there are no more? Women are not able to bear children and they have to resort to artificial insemination that works, perhaps, 20 percent of the time and at great expense. All I do is tell them to eliminate milk and dairy products and fertility returns. On that issue I believe I have considerable clinical records. I could beat traditional studies perhaps not five-zero, but certainly four-zero. I don’t say I have achieved a hundred percent success rate, but certainly seventy to eighty percent.

My last case was that of a woman who is now expecting twins. They had told her she couldn’t have children because her tubes were blocked. And after a few months she stopped consuming the things I recommended, the inflammation went away, the tubes opened up and that was it, end of story.

Therefore the tubes were closed and can be reopened without an operation…
The inflammation causes them to close; once the inflammation is gone they reopen. Even children can understand that.

Children can understand that, many of your colleagues don’t.
I told the medical society I would be happy to meet with some young doctors. I even proposed that I should take 10 doctors suffering from pathology and another 10 with the same illness, let us say hypertension, which many doctors suffer from. They could choose the 10 doctors who would follow my advice and 10 would follow the advice of conventional medicine. Then we would look at the results.

But you said that many doctors come to you, take your advice…
Recently, too. Do you know how long it took a doctor, O Group, who had hypertension for three years and was treating it with drugs to recover? Three days. Three days to eliminate hypertension pills and have – right now – normal blood pressure.

The right diet is the best way to treat hypertension.
It is also the best way to treat tumors. So long as you start early on, but by the time they come to me they are already seriously ill. But in any case I’ve seen tumors stop growing, I’ve seen bone metathesis stop. I’ve seen a lot.

What about other diseases you have treated?
I recently had a patient who had been in dialysis for two years who was able to stop. He was disciplined in what he ate; doing the opposite of what he had been told to eat by others. Instead of eating non-protein based food, he was eating protein-based food. He stopped going to dialysis. What do you think? Do you think they went to him and asked, ‘Tell me how you did it, tell me what happened? Tell me everything. Nothing. And he kept quiet, because they would have removed him from the list of people who are treated. Instead of telling him, great, well done, we are going to reward you because you’re saving us money, they are not pleased when money is saved… One dialysis less, one patient less. There would be the risk of people understanding what’s going on and they might have to close their dialysis centres.

Dialysis can be the antechamber of martyrdom…
It is the antechamber of a life that is no longer a life.

But it’s not just milk. You would ban oranges and fresh-squeezed juice. When I tell people who consume great quantities of the stuff believing it to be the best antidote to winter’s ills, they chuckle.
You tell them that you have warned them and after than it’s up to them. If they then suffer from neck and shoulder pains, if they get pericarditis… Two years ago, two O Group individuals drank unlimited fresh-squeezed juice because the doctor told them it was a good thing. Pericardites. A horrific operation. They opened their sternums. A frightening thing. When I saw one of them, I asked him, ‘But you ate oranges?’ Stunned, he said, ‘Yes.’ But why did you continue eating oranges? Well, they told me they were good for me. Well done, see how good they were for you. Pericarditis.

They don’t believe it, they don’t believe that oranges can cause this.
Enough. Amen. They must go their own way, it’s not the end of the world. The problem is that these people burden the state budget.

Doesn’t the theory of blood groups come from America?
Yes, the D’Adamos made this known. Peter D’Adamo and his father, James, but that is a long story. I went looking for an academic thesis of a doctor, from 1956-1957. The D’Adamo weren’t there, but there was a paper on the relationship between blood groups and certain illnesses.

A degree thesis? Where?
At Parma University. It was research done here on a population sample with certain illnesses. But in the texts of medicine and medical conditions, the sacred texts, there was a correlation between certain illnesses in given blood groups.

And what did you add of significance, what was your strong point?
First of all there’s my knowledge of foods. It is unequalled. From the time I was 17 years old I have grown a vegetable garden, I know how the seasons work; I know plants and herbs intimately, how to use them, how they change. I have acquired experience from being interested in everything, from microbiology to hygiene. I learned how to combine foods. Why two correct foods combined in the right way are healthy, but two correct foods combined incorrectly are not at all healthy. I have an incredible amount of experience in medicine. I believe there are few others who have seen such a large number of people with all these illnesses.

mozzi conferenza

This knowledge is in danger of remaining here, at Mogliazze, considering the ostracism from the system. Do you think anything will change in your favour, to the advantage of your methods?
I am confident that people will start to pay attention. When I began holding public meetings, there would be 10 to 15 people. On May 22nd, 2013 in Asolo, there were 1,700 people who had paid for a ticket. At the last conference I held in Brescia, there were over a thousand people who had paid a very expensive €15 ticket, none of which came to me.

Who benefitted?
It is spent to restore the church of San Cristoforo [near Mogliazze], specifically to avoid all this kind of nonsense.

So, in fact, you’re really an optimist.
It takes time. It takes time for cherries to ripen, or apples, or pears, or grapes, but then they are ripe. It is an compulsory choice, a passage one cannot disregard. It is not possible for humankind to do anything but understand. Just so long as they ask what is behind a blood group; it is not a freak of nature.

In the meantime, the embargo on you continues, even from the media.
Think about it, the book La dieta del dottor Mozzi [Dr. Mozzi’s Diet], which has sold an unbelievable number of copies and is still selling three and a half years after it was published, was listed by the Corriere della Sera as among the top 10 best sellers at the end of last year. And do you think that the Corriere della Sera tried to discover why a microscopic cooperative, a publishing house that carries the name of an agricultural cooperative, is publishing a best seller?

There must be a black mark next to my name.

But you also have issues with journalists.
How is it that you don’t address this, you don’t talk about it? You talk about scandals, of things that aren’t right, but this is the real scandal.

Why don’t you expand your business?
An owner of a number of hotels in Milan has contacted me. He wants to start a restaurant in Milan, because of the results he personally experienced.

Would you like to make money?
Have you seen where I live? I’m not moving from here. I’m staying here. Become rich? What do I want? I don’t know what that means; anyway you can’t take it with you! One needs what one needs. What I don’t like is that they victimize those who work and reward those who don’t. In nature, only human beings reward those who have no desire to do anything and punish those who perform. Imagine if the honey bee, which goes back and forth bringing home pollen and nectar, was told, ‘you’ve brought all this home and now I’m going to punish you.’ This is what happens in Italy.

What do you think about this pope? He loves chicory, he drinks water that has been used for cooking it, but he also loves pasta. He seems a little overweight and with the responsibilities he has, how can he manage?
Don’t you see? He is a navassa, as we say here, a tub. He always has a back ache. A woman, a sister-in-law to the rock star Adriano Celentano, has been bothering me for a long time, saying I have to help the pope. I’ll help the Pope, if he calls me. She implores me to write to him! I’m not writing anything. If they want, I’ll tell him how to manage his health, to live well and for a long time, not like the other one. Have you seen how they’ve reduced him and the one before him? Have you seen what they’ve done to him? Have you seen the powerful doctors? It was January, not long before he died. We were in the kitchen, my daughter and I, and on the radio we heard that the Pope ‘had breakfast this morning. He had biscuits and caffellatte.’ We looked at each other, my daughter and I. It was the beginning of the end. These big shots…

What about depression? Does diet come into it?
Do you want this woman here [Sandra, group O, who is sitting in on the conversation] to become depressed? Take away meat, take away fish, give her all the rest and above all make her eat a lot of fruit. Within 10, 15 days, at the most 20, she will be depressed.

The number one food in your diets are legumes…
Humanity will be saved by legumes, mainly because from an environmental point of view they don’t have a devastating effect on cultivation, on the environment, on the planet, as cereals do, and also because they have a superior supply of protein. If they stopped cultivating certain plants and were more respectful of water consumption, they could grow everything needed even to feed 10 billion people. But not if they use that use the water to grow maize, which makes people stupid and depressed, or to grow tomatoes, the use and growth of which could be reduced by a factor of a hundred.

How do you think the Romans founded an empire?

If you’re talking about food, with olive oil, grapes and almonds.
And according to you they conquered Gaul with grapes and almonds?

They say hulled wheat.
Hulled wheat? It was the cause of their decline. It is the story of all nations; they rose with lambs, fish and legumes and declined with cereals. All of them. How did the Romans go and conquer? They didn’t have large articulated lorries. They raided, they sent their scouts ahead, they had their fishermen with their nets, and rivers were filled with fish in those days. They ate fish and dominated everyone else. Then they began eating cereals and, at the edge of the empire there were those who ate raw meat, raw fish and they beat up the Romans. Raw meat and raw fish; an incredible strength. How were the Americans able to conquer their empire? Meat, fish and beans. They began eating potatoes and cereals and they are falling to pieces. By now the decline is obvious. Don’t you see how obese they are?
(traduzione di Francesca Simmons)

io io

Guido Moltedo


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