2023 Annual Fundraiser – ytali needs your help!


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ytali, a magazine and a community

Dear readers, as we begin the new year we are looking ahead to strengthening and expanding our work, and with it the community that produces and helps spread the word about ytali. You are a vital part of that community, dear readers, and we thank you for your support.

To further our goals this year we humbly ask you to add to your support for ytali with a small donation, which will be an enormous contribution to the future of the magazine – 10 euro or dollars, and for those who wish, larger amounts or monthlycommitments.

Ytali relies on your support to continue our work. Our magazine – your magazine – is playing an increasingly important role in Italy and in particular in Venice and the northeast, publishing excellent quality articles online in an open, plural and advertising-free setting that is very unique in the world ofInternet publishing.

Non-profit and volunteer based

At the center of the ytali community is a core collective of writers who write articles and help with desk work, voluntarily offering a considerable amount of their time and expertise:nobody is paid. Ytali is also fortunate to be involved with a vast and growing network of excellent authors and collaborators who provide their work to us without payment.

Free and with no advertising

Thanks to these volunteer efforts Ytali is available for free every day. Your financial support is just as vital to allowing us to continue meeting the challenge of maintaining our strong spirit of independent journalism and keeping our site free of the invasive advertising that is so often the price of “keeping the presses running”. 

Looking to the future

Ytali has ambitious goals for 2023: greater international reach, continuing to grow and enhance the quality and scope of our publications, making more articles available in English (and other languages) along with Italian, and forging new partnerships and cultural initiatives in Venice and beyond. At the same time, as our readership and reach grow, so do the physical and technical expenses required to maintain a secure and high-performance website.

Your support is vital!

Ytali thrives on the support of our readers. Your financial support is vital, so we hope you will consider making a contribution to this year’s fundraising drive. However, there are also other important ways you can help us continue our mission– sharing articles, telling friends and colleagues about ytali and generally spreading the word about what we do helps us tremendously to grow our readership and expand our reach.

As we look forward to meeting the exciting challenges ahead for ytali in the coming year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our community of readers, writers and collaborators that have helped us get where we are today.

Thank You!


Contributions may be made directly to the following account:

IBAN: IT 43 Z 01030 02001 000000805394


Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena

or via Paypal

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