Recipes from Rialto #2! Canocchie lesse (Slipper Lobster)

Associazione Progetto Rialto’s series of videos featuring traditional Venetian dishes prepared by Andrea and Daniela Vio brings generations of tradition from the Rialto Pescheria and Venetian gastronomy to kitchens and tables around the world.

Versione italiana is very happy to present the second video in the series Recipes from Rialto, brought to you with the kind partnership of our friends at Progetto Rialto.  We will be offering this unique and delightful video series to our readers, now updated with English subtitles and text, once every few weeks – a special treat to look forward to! 

We’re very excited about this series and are very pleased to share the second video in the series: a favorite Venetian seafood dish – Canocchie lesse (Slipper Lobster)

Andrea and Daniela Vio and “Dal Banco alla Tavola”

Several years ago, Andrea Vio, who has worked in the Mercato di Rialto for over 45 years, decided to respond to the many questions people had asked him about how to cut, clean and prepare fish. Andrea learned his skills first from his grandfather and then his father, visiting and then working at the Rialto Market since he was a child. Daniela, his wife, grew up around her family’s restaurant “Da Forner”, where she often worked when they needed help. It was there that she learned how to prepare traditional local products from her aunt, who is still giving Daniela advice on cooking to this day. Together Andrea and Daniela created the video series “Dal Banco alla Tavola” for Associazione Progetto Rialto, sharing traditional recipes and food preparation techniques from the heart of Venice.

Progetto Rialto’s Lezioni della Storia 2023

Meanwhile, the seventh and final event in this spring edition of Progetto Rialto’s Lezioni della Storia 2023 cycle is coming up on 9 May 2023 at the Galleria Accademia and online on Progetto Rialto’s YouTube channel or on the Accademia’s web site, starting at 17:00.

Le lezioni della storia. Il mercato dell’arte. L’arte del mercato

The next presentation will feature Art Historian Claudia Caramanna speaking on the topic: 

“The Bassano “Marketplaces”. Art and life on the Mainland”.

As a tribute to Associazione Progetto Rialto, the presentation will focus on the Bassano family’s production of art dedicated to market scenes, whether they are treated as the main subjects of the depiction or inserted in paintings portraying other themes, such as the Four Elements or the Months of the Year. Art and historical documentation will intertwine in the investigation of these works, which belong to the last phase of the sixteenth century – or rather to the final phase of Jacopo Bassano’s activity and to the production of his sons Francesco and Leandro – illustrating a variety of interesting events related to collecting. 

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