Recipes From Rialto #3: Risotto Nero


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Welcome to the third “Recipes from Rialto” feature on and ytaliGLOBAL, produced in association with our friends at Associazione Progetto Rialto and Andrea Vio, who we thank very much for sharing these wonderful recipes and videos with us!

This installment features a recipe for Risotto Nero, and we’d like to introduce it with Andrea Vio’s own words about this series:

Why produce yet another recipe series? We believe that the protection and revitalization of the Rialto Market cannot ignore the relationship between the market counter selling traditional local products and the dishes we bring to our tables. At the market, where local products from fishing and the saltmarshes arrive daily, as well as fruit and vegetables from the islands and the hinterland, we can choose what we want to eat.

The frenetic rhythms of daily life and the change in our habits this has involved have made us forget about caring for food preparation and traditional flavors. Therefore, this series aims to bring back popular recipes, those handed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers. They used ingredients that not only came from the market, but were also chosen with their curiosity, invention and a continuous search for ideas.

Anyone who would like to integrate other ingredients to these recipes or give their own personal version of the dishes presented can do so by writing a message to the email:

Here’s the video.

Meanwhile, Progetto Rialto has recently concluded the “Leggere Venezia” series of book presentations: information about this series and videos of the presentations can be found here. There are new plans in the works, of course, including further work planned for this fall on last year’s successful roundtable “Historic Markets and Urban Regeneration in Europe”. Please support their important work! 

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