America in a Maelstrom of Gun Massacres

With the massacre in Lewiston, Maine, there have been 565 mass shootings in ten months this year: this one killed 18 and injured 16.

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The massacre in Lewiston, Maine brings the number of mass shootings [i.e. the indiscriminate murder of three or more people, not including the killer] caused by firearms in the USA in ten months this year to 565. The Lewiston massacre killed 18 and injured 16. It is the most serious mass fatal shooting since the one in Uvalde, Texas in May 2022, which left 21 dead and 17 injured.

The day before the deadly attack against men, women and children in a restaurant and a bowling alley in Lewiston, which was carried out by Army reservist and firearms instructor Robert Card, a man who had recently been hospitalized for mental illness, the US Senate voted on an amendment aimed at protecting the right of veterans who are considered mentally unstable to possess firearms, even against the clear objections of those who foresee an increase in suicides among these unwell former military personnel.

Among the votes in favor was Angus King, the senator from Maine. On the other hand, three out of four members of Maine’s delegation to the House of Representatives in Washington have always opposed legislation that regulates the possession and use of firearms, even weapons of war such as automatic assault rifles.

Last June, congressmen from Maine killed a measure that would have required background checks for firearms purchasers and a law that would have imposed a 72-hour waiting period to purchase a gun or a rifle.

So, how do the supporters of the free and uncontrolled sale and circulation of firearms propose to counteract and stop these mass murders? With prayer.

The new Speaker of the House, Republican Mike Johnson, a leader of pro-gun representatives, began his mandate by commenting on the events in Lewiston as follows:

It is a dark time in America… Prayer is appropriate in a time like this, that the evil can end and this senseless violence can stop.

Transalation by Paul Rosenberg

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