Recipes from Rialto #5: Spaghetti with Murex


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Once again we are happy to present another Recipe from Rialto, courtesy of our friends at Associazione Progetto Rialto, who originally launched this series on their website and have very kindly allowed us to share them in translation with you! Special thanks to Irene Vio, the videos’ producer (and daughter of the Andrea and Daniela Vio) for the English subtitles!

Associazione Progetto Rialto is also busy with it’s latest season of Le Lezioni della Storia. The next event is on Dec. 6. They are all available to watch online – more information follows below.

After the interesting speech on November 28th by Salvatore Russo, which can already be viewed online, on December 6th at 5.30 pm, again at Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, Francesco Trovò and Massimo Gin will hold the second conference of our series “Le Lezioni della Storia” entitled: Preserving Historic Architecture and Urban Landscape. An intervention on the external surfaces of a building in the Rialto area.

Their contribution will specifically address the Rialto area and one of the buildings that characterizes the urban context. Following a brief overview of the historical events of this part of the city, located on the bank of the Grand Canal in the San Marco district, the presentation will focus on describing a restoration intervention on the facades of the building overlooking the Rialto bridge, subject to parts II and III of the Cultural Heritage code – monumental and landscape protection. Thanks also to the favorable conditions determined by the so-called facade bonus, extensive actions have been carried out in this project and significant protection objectives have been achieved.

The case will be described starting from the preliminary diagnostic examinations that were carried out, which included recognition of the material characteristics, the phenomena of degradation and instability, and the construction sequences, and then moving from the definition of the project to the description of the construction phases. The presentation makes sure to highlight the theoretical principles and operational criteria adopted in the execution. The project is also considered a particularly significant example in relation to the adjacent built context, which is made up of three buildings belonging to the same phase of urban development, against which the proposed intervention was measured in order to define the most suitable solution both on an architectural scale and in relation to the historical urban landscape.

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