Elections and the Enemies of Women


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with Franca Marcomin, Mara Bianca, Stefania Minozzi

[Note from the Editor: never before has the issue of women’s reproductive rights been so much at the center of electoral politics. This is blatantly true in the US, where abortion has become perhaps the biggest issue on the agenda as those rights are being severely curtailed around the country. But the fight to control women’s bodies and lives even extends to the local level, where here in Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has publicly blamed the demographic decline on women who choose to have Caesarean births or to not have children at all. With this in mind, we present the following article]

It’s time for elections, candidacies, programs…

Dear friends, how about we wake up and start focusing on who the real enemies of women are? And treat them accordingly? I’m referring to those who, like the mayor of Venice, accuse women of selfishness and of not wanting to have children. Wait just a minute: doesn’t that ring any alarm bells? There are people who would still like to govern us like rabbits, and we’ve already heard that tune played enough in the past.

Demography, some people proclaim, is in danger because of women, and there is a risk of being ethnically overtaken. In reality, rebalancing would be possible if children born here to foreign parents were considered, but woe to anyone who talks about granting them citizenship and rights. The bellies must be local, zero kilometer!

But we women have long since become tired of having children as often as we can, or even just one. We have conquered the motherhood that we want – or that we don’t want – and we can assure you that it has not been a walk in the park. We have decided to “readjust” our destiny which, when we look at it, appears to be our own to decide. Look around, dear political gentlemen, you who use demographic data like stones to throw at us: this is how things are going throughout Europe too, just read the ISTAT reports. Don’t you think they are significant? Put one and one together, if you can: unequal careers, job insecurity, poor services, nursery schools becoming harder to find and at considerable costs. To paraphrase, it’s not a country for mothers!

The mayor of Venice misses the times when women gave birth in pain. Never let innovations in the medical field be applied to giving birth! And be sure that all the work done by women’s associations allied with midwives is promoted. Certain statements seem like a parody of The Flintstones: “Wilma, give me the club!”

So, let’s really wake up. The European elections are approaching and soon there will be the municipal administrative elections. We are quite able to distinguish who the enemies of women are, and let’s keep this clearly in mind in the voting booth, because there is a slowly spreading fight against our freedom to decide how and with whom live, whether and how to have children or not, or even the choice to interrupt a pregnancy.

Yes, it’s true, current democracy shows cracks and defects, but the tool of voting remains in our hands. Therefore, we say to women: we are the majority of the electorate, and we cannot tolerate those who want to push us back into subordination, into the games of obtuse and authoritarian politics.

So, first and foremost, let’s not support the enemies of women, and let’s not support their parties. Let’s publicly disavow them, and if we are members of those parties, let’s leave!

Men are less than half of us, even if they tend to forget it…

Translation by Paul Rosenberg

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