A Y.ellow Submarine in the Kingdom of XYZ


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A Y and a dot. In the image I am writing about, the point is not round, but a small quadrangle, a square. Circle and square are philosophical images. A circle is a square without corners. Squaring the circle means solving an unsolvable problem.

The Y stands for singularity: Yael, Yandira, Yasmin, Yannis, Yoan, Yusuf, Yves. Ybbs on the Danube, Yellowstone River, Yokohama, yoga teacher, yacht harbor, Yeti – Yellow Submarine.

The period, a punctuation mark, gives the Y expression, meaning, power. It marks an end. Even though it is smaller than the Y, it says: it’s over here! Here we go no further. I separate, I create order.

In the image I’ve described, Y and dot are a community. A unit that is now celebrating its ninth birthday and entering its tenth year.

When children write two numbers on their birthday, they are no longer little kids and will soon become teenagers. During these early years they have already learned most of what they need for life: eating, grasping, walking, talking – cleanliness. Writing, reading, arithmetic. Running, walking, swimming, jumping. They are miracles that amaze. Getting to know their classmates – experiencing community and friendship. Love and hate. Growth and destruction. Learning what death is. Goodbyes and new beginnings.

In the alphabet, Y sits between X and Z. XYZ could be a character in a fairy tale. Fairy, witch, giant, dwarf, demon. A fairytale land: the Kingdom of XYZ.

Y and dot are part of the red family!

Red is the color of all passions – from love to hate. Red is the color of kings and communism, the color of danger and joy.

On its ninth birthday I wish the YTALI team, especially Guido and Sandra, many more years of creative joy with a clear view of world events – preferably through rose-colored glasses of love. Don’t forget the “Point-of-View-Shot”, as they say in language of cinematography: the subjective camera, the subjective vision.

Whether circle or square, diversity is unity.

Translation by Paul Rosenberg

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