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Bravo l’artiste! History has once again demonstrated how one man’s megalomania can destroy a country. From his first election until the last-minute pre-election on Sunday, June 30, President Macron has always believed in his infallibility – like a Pope in politics, consecrated with a spiritual anointment superior to ordinary mortals. Presidential infallibility is not written into the Constitution; no Council has established it, and French democracy has progressively equipped itself with safeguards to avoid possible excesses of presidential arrogance. Yet Macron undoubtedly confused the 2017 presidential election and Vatican I, thus believing himself to be sanctified as Pastor aeternus. Convinced of his omniscience, of his oratory virtuosity and in the throes of self-obsession, he thought it best to reign alone. For seven years he bypassed all the instances of institutional confrontation prepared by the Republic, in the name of his personal vision of politics for France.

Source: Le Monde

Result: in June 2024 France is brown. In seven years Macron has managed to achieve this feat, which has not happened since 1940, under the Nazi occupation.

After the Liberation, the mechanisms of French democracy managed to prevent the far right from coming to power. In cases of grave danger, as in the case of various elections of recent years, what has been called the “republican front” has been formed, where the traditional forces of the left and right have appealed for unity beyond their divisions to prevent the election of representatives of the far right. Macron also resorted to this, in particular in the 2022 presidential elections, which he narrowly won, playing the great aria of “me, or chaos”, even though during his first mandate he had already done everything to dismember those same traditional forces.

A republican front is again being attempted today in view of the second round of the legislative elections on July 7, but the effort seems to lack conviction, optimism or even clarity on the part of the Macron clan. And Macron himself, who has always tried to occupy the media scene, has become imperceptible. Unlistenable. Unheard. So much so that the few Macronist candidates who survived the defeat rushed to remove Macron’s portrait, which has become a symbol of certain defeat, from their election posters.

Already a few years ago in the pages of ytali we noted President Macron’s tendency to say everything and the opposite of everything, in the name of his mantra “but also”, ironically naming him “King Oxymoron 1st” (June 2017). Noting the defects of his oratory and political system, he was even described as an “almost naked king” (August 2018), and even as “Roi Tartuffe” (December 2018), to finally adopt the neologism of “macroner” (June 2022), to describe his subsequent sleight of hand in both rhetoric and government.

President Macron in a video by Le Parisien

Since then, despite his oratory brilliance, the French have understood that at best, lofty words only hid political tactics and, at worst, a void of meaning. That the words of this “virtuoso of verbal figure skating”, as a commentator for Le Monde wrote, have only translated into a policy of social disintegration, most of the time pushed through by force, due to the lack of an absolute majority in Parliament. Macron’s inability to dialogue and create targeted consensus, “the vertical, distant and condescending attitude” of the head of state, in the words of the president of the Senate, has not made things easier. Thus, Macron’s word has been devalued. And the far right has capitalized on this state of social disintegration and this discrediting of presidential statements.

Yes, today Oxymoron I is naked, not almost naked, the “macronage” is over, demystified: Macronism is finished, as its former prime minister says, and France is in a state of serious political crisis, a crisis which we would never have wanted to imagine.

Last-minute withdrawals (much more systematic – it should be noted – for left-wing candidates who came in third place and therefore have little chance of being elected, despite having the right to remain in the field, compared to candidates from the presidential field in the same situation), and the sometimes opaque electoral acrobatics that are urgently underway for this July 7 risk struggling to convince first round voters. The electorate seems ready to confirm their vote, or even amplify it, which will lead to an improbable coalition or an ungovernable parliament. In any case, respect for politics will not grow.

And Macron, the brilliant orator of 2017, risks living on in history as the solitary ruler with overflowing hubris who was able to dismantle France, to the point that the far right can take power by force of votes. Again, well done Monsieur Macron!

Translation by Paul Rosenberg

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